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Banking Business

Retail Business

Our Group provides total solutions by leveraging its strong expertise to respond to the wide range of client needs for asset management, administration and succession issues through its balanced network of branches throughout Japan, with a focus on the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, as well as the Kansai and Chubu areas.

[Investment Trust and Insurance Sales]

In order to meet the various asset management needs of our clients from investment trust to insurance as well as fund wrap and foreign currency deposits, etc. we provide a wide range of products and offer high quality consulting services.

[Loans to Individuals]

By offering housing loans through channels such as leading developers and house builders as well as fund wrap convenient internet channels, we are able to provide a line-up of a variety of products to meet the life stage needs of our clients.

[Will Trust and Inheritance Management]

In order to meet the growing social needs for property management and succession issues against the backdrop of an aging society, specialized consultants apply their wealth of knowledge and experience to offer tailor-made solutions.

Wholesale Business

We are providing total solutions that incorporate a variety of capabilities of the Group by utilizing its wide range of business relation ships with corporate clients of the Mitsui Group and Sumitomo Group to meet the various needs of corporate clients in order to increase the value of their corporation.

[Corporate Credit]

As a core player in financial brokerage that can offer various financing methods that take advantage of trust capabilities along with banking capabilities while responding precisely to the capital needs of corporate clients, we offer high quality value-added products and services that integrates syndicate loans, asset liquidation and other product capabilities and trust/real estate capabilities.

[Financial Products Sales]

We have brought together the specialized capabilities of the Group for the asset management needs facing our clients and offer various financial products such as market-based financial products and private placement investment trusts.

[International Business]

We respond precisely to the financing needs of Japanese companies expanding overseas while at the same time promoting our trust business through partnerships.

Market Activities

We offer timely solutions that utilize market-making capabilities and marketable financial products for investment needs and risk management needs with regard to interest rates and foreign exchange rates for our clients.

Asset Management and Administration Business

We are responding to the various needs of our clients ranging from institutional investors to corporations and individuals by providing the highest level of integrated service from asset management to asset administration as a financial group that is proud to have Japan's largest assets under management and assets under custody.

[Asset Management]

We offer various products under highly specialized consulting for the system, investment and management in accordance to a defined contribution and defined benefit pension plan to meet the sophisticated asset management needs of domestic and international institutional investors such as corporate pensions. In addition, we offer investment trusts primarily for individual clients through asset management companies in our Group.

[Asset Administration]

We offer a wide range of advanced services to domestic and international institutional investors from the safekeeping and settlement of securities to lending. In addition, we offer detailed services in Japanese when it comes to global custody services offered by subsidiaries overseas.

[Stock Transfer Agency Service]

We take advantage of a wealth of information of the industry's largest client base and by providing high value-added services related to shares practices and IR/SR (informational services for investors and shareholders), we are able to offer fine-tuned support in order to resolve the issues of corporate clients.

Real Estate Business

We offer a full line of services from brokerage to securitization and investment advice by providing high-level professional consulting to a wide range of clients with real estate related transaction needs ranging from large corporations and domestic and foreign investors to individuals.

Status of Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group

(as of March 31, 2017)

Asset Management and Administration
Assets under Management ¥80trn (No.1 among Japanese Financial Institutions)
Assets under Custody (*1) ¥261trn (No.1 among Japanese Financial Institutions)
Balance of Corporate Pension Funds ¥14trn (No.1 among Japanese Trust Banks)
Lead Manager for Corporate Pension Funds 1,343 funds (No.1 among Japanese Trust Banks)
Entrusted Balance of Investment Trusts ¥64trn (No.1 among Japanese Trust Banks)
Stock Transfer Agency Services / Number of Shareholders under Administration (Total of the whole group) 25.22mn (No.1 among Japanese Trust Banks)
Real Estate
Real Estate Business-Related Revenue (Total of the whole group) (*2) ¥52.5bn (No.1 among Japanese Trust Banks)
Entrusted Balance of Securitized Real Estate ¥14trn (No.1 among Japanese Trust Banks)
Sales Volume of Investment Trust / Discretionary Investment (*2) ¥1.1trn (No.1 among Japanese Banks)
Lending Business / Balance of Loans to Corporations ¥19trn (No.4 among Japanese Banks)
Lending Business / Balance of Loans to Individuals ¥8trn (No.4 among Japanese Banks)
Lending Business / Total Loan Balance ¥28trn (No.4 among Japanese Banks)
Number of Will Trusts 28,935 (No.2 among Japanese Trust Banks)
(*1) This refers to the aggregate balance of trust assets at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group. (*2)Actual results of FY2015

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