Fiscal Year 2017 (Schedule)
May 15

Financial Results for FY2016

Late May

Investor Meeting for FY2016

Late June

Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the 6th Fiscal Period

Late July

Financial Results for 1QFY2017

Late August

Issuance of 2017 Annual Report

Mid November

Financial Results for 1HFY2017

Late November

Investor Meeting for 1HFY2017

Late January

Financial Results for 3QFY2017

Late January

Issuance of 2017 Interim Report

Late March

Issuance of 2017 CSR Report

Note) Schedule may change.

Fiscal Year 2016
May 12

Financial Results for FY2015

May 18

Investor Meeting for FY2015

June 29

Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders for the 5th Fiscal Period

July 28

Financial Results for 1QFY2016

August 31

Issuance of 2016 Annual Report

November 14

Financial Results for 1HFY2016

November 21

Investor Meeting for 1HFY2016

January 31

Financial Results for 3QFY2016

February 1

Issuance of 2016 Interim Report

March 22

Issuance of 2016 CSR Report

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