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Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group Privacy PolicyJAPANESE

We at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group in the utmost effort to protect the personal information of our clients and shareholders have established the following policies, and we declare that all our employees shall abide by this policy.
For more details, please refer to "The Handling of Personal Information."

  1. 1. Compliance with all Applicable Laws and Regulations, etc.
    The companies in our group shall comply with the laws pertaining to the protection of personal information and guidelines set forth by government agencies including other standards.
  2. 2. Appropriate Acquisition
    The companies in our Group shall obtain personal information from clients only to the extent necessary for our operations and only through proper and legal means.
  3. 3. Purpose of Use
    The companies in our Group shall notify or announce how the personal information shall be used, and shall only use it within the confines of the prescribed purpose except as otherwise provided by law, and shall not use it for any other purpose.
  4. 4. Consignment
    If the companies in our Group consign the handling of the personal information then the consignee shall be properly supervised to promote the safe management of the personal information.
  5. 5. Offering to Third Parties
    The companies in our Group shall not provide to any third party personal information held for clients without obtaining prior consent from the client except in cases specified by law.
    However, if the companies in our Group provide your personal information consequent to the succession of business in a merger or otherwise and it is shared with a specified party set forth separately then the personal information held for the client may be provided to the third party without obtaining the client's consent.
  6. 6. Responding to Inquiries from Clients, etc.

    The companies in our Group shall establish the procedures for correcting and disclosing personal information, and any inquiries concerning questions, suggestions or inquiries and corrections of content, etc. related to personal information shall be handled quickly and accurately.

  7. 7. Safety Measures
    The companies in our Group take appropriate safety measures in terms of their organizational, personnel, and systems to manage personal information, and we have developed the governance framework necessary to protect personal information.
  8. 8. Continuous Improvement
    The companies in our Group continuously review and strive to improve the compliance program for protecting personal information. We also understand that it is important that all employees protect personal information and that they are trained in how to appropriately handle personal information.

Please refer to the "Handling of Personal Information" for such as regarding any official announcements on the purpose of use of personal information.

April 1, 2014
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group

For more information about the handling of personal information, please see below.

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